Thursday, November 29, 2012

Change to classic desktop in Windows 8

How to change to classic desktop in Windows 8 ?

To switch from classic Desktop to the new start screen in Windows 8, you just need to press and hold the windows button between the CTRL and the ALT on your keyboard and press “D” for desktop. Is very simple and it works the same way than every older version of Windows (Windows 7, Windows XP, …)

Many are having trouble using the new Metro or new Menu screen (whatever you call it). That is the reason why this little tip will help you. Most software runs under the classic view. But windows 8 keep bringing you back to the new format.

Some suggest you to buy an application or a tool to give you the old stuff back. I don’t think is worth the investment. Use the new windows as it is, otherwise you are walking against the wind.

Classic Windows 8 desktop:

Start screen Windows 8:

If you press the windows button simply, you will simply switch to the previous view. This is very efficient if you need to switch from 1 program to another. Yes, is good for people who use tablets or hate to turn their head between 2 screens.


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