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Visual Studio 2010 vs. Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2010 vs. Visual Studio 2012

I purchased Visual Studio 2010 Professional earlier this year on Amazon. Is the cheapest compare to other editions? Visual Studio helps me do many applications under Windows 32 and 64 bits.  You have VB.NET, .NET C#, C++, F# and you have integrated tools for database, web, a basic setup deployment and other stuff. Honestly, I don’t use them all because I also work with other language such as Eclipse for Java, CAD software….

I look at Visual Studio 2012. Well is pretty, but to be honest, unless you need to produce program especially for Windows 8, I won’t think is worth buying Visual Studio 2012. It is not a bad product.

Visual Studio 2010 is not discontinued yet and still works fine, but the new Visual Studio 2012 is a little bit cheaper. SO if you need to buy a Visual Studio, I’ll suggestion you to shop around and get the new Visual Studio 2012, not the Visual Studio 2010.

Yes, I still use the older version Visual Studio 2010, but I am not enough interested to it now. That new version is officially released for purchase on middle September 2012.

While we are speaking, the older professional version is at 575$ and the newer professional version is at 471.99$. That is 80% the price of the older version. That is bases on Amazon where I bought my own Visual Studio Professional Edition 2010 (with box).
Is the same for the 2012 with MSDN version is 1097.53$ while the other one is at 1189.35$ (professional)
You could always download the free editions and try them before buying. Here are the links:

Direct Link for Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop 2012 (.iso  English version)
Direct Link for Visual Studio Express 2010 (.iso  English version)

Visual Studio 2012 from Microsoft Visual Studio site

Cheapest way to get Visual Studio any editions from Amazon:


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