Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fill a TreeView with recursivity

Fill a TreeView with recursivity

TreeView are composed of nodes after nodes. If your TreeView represent a kind of explorer, you might have several types of object such as folder and files.

In this post, I have to give you a warning. I am not interested to vomit the answer. Instead, I’ll try to explain how I could reach the reach the answer so eventually; you could understand how I was able to build the code without any copy paste from any forum or blog over the internet.  This post might not for you. If not, you will immediately go straight to the answer at the far end of this article. You copy and paste the code and voilà. Here is the link: search file - Improve performance 

If you force yourself to read this article, please note I will separate the article into 4 parts

  1. Basic recursive search file 
  2. Analyzing the needs 
  3. Implementing the changes
  4. Run the code

To be honest, I can’t remember making any treeview for a Windows Start Menu in my lifetime. I never Bing’d or Google’d for the answer. I simply applied a logical pathway to create the code I want less than 10 minutes. Yes, under 10 minutes with music on my headphone. Anyway.

TreeView Example

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