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Drag And Drop

Drag And Drop

Drag And Drop give a professional effect to your program. It is a central element in computer-aided design as it presents the theories in schools and universities. Drag And Drop without, your program loses a lot of charm to most other technologies: Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows, etc..
Drag And Drop

The Visual Basic is both simple to create user interfaces as it becomes cumbersome to operate when there is no correctly. This is quite normal. Many people who use Visual Basic programmers are initiated and intermediates. These programmers will naturally focus on program performance at the expense of user appearance. When you think of Windows products, we find that the ubiquitous Drag And Drop is absolutely everywhere. Why is that programs developed by many programmers do almost no functionality Drag And Drop. Without Drag And Drop, we fall into the 80s when the mouse does not exist. The Apple Mac has yet revolutionized the world of computing with the mouse in 1982 as well as with Microsoft operating system Windows 3.1 in 1991. There is no reason to disregard the Drag And Drop in our 2013 and more. Worse, cell phones, tablets, GPS, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Blacberry all have touch screens. If you have children, look you exceed the technologically who write SMS with the five fingers of the

How to implement Drag And Drop? What are the steps to perform Drag And Drop? First, to answer the question, Drag And Drop is simple, but requires a series of events to accomplish a task. The steps may vary slightly depending on the situation and increase.

  1. The event mouse button (copy / cut)
  2. The event displacement (slip)
  3. The mouse event released (submitted)

You see? It really is not that difficult to code a programming code that performs the same task "directly".

For example, you write a program to copy a file and then to paste the file in any place by clicking a button. Awesome! Few lines of code are enough to achieve something acceptable. This program, developed in LISP, C #, Visual Basic, C + +, Java, Visual Basic Script, LISP, .... has only two major events: the copy and paste.
An effective programmer will be able to pass through a point "A" to point "B" with a short and efficient way. It can also by a second time to increase the reliability of its program by adding steps checks or validations. But what comes after when the program works and is reliable? The programmer trend in most of the time not to have to continue to improve the program and will instead terminate its development to start another.

Many programmers will neglect the application of their programs. Drag And Drop in our example is the most neglected aspect. The programmer who worries Drag And Drop will ensure that such controls are in programs can be moved to the appropriate place for the user. Never a programmer worthy of the name will compel the appearance of the program in an absolute form. Professional program will always have eg ToolButtons that can be moved anywhere on the screen. Think with their Autodesk ToolBars or many video games free online.

I invite you to come back to my blog for examples of Drag And Drop more or less complete. In the meantime, here's an old link that describes the MSDN Drag And Drop with Visual Basic 2003 (and VB6). It shows how to move images, files, texts such as in MS-Word and objects together (ListView).

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