Friday, April 12, 2013

How to shut down Windows 8 ?

How to shut down Windows 8 ?

You need to know how to turn off your Windows 8 but you don’t know how ?  Here are a few simple way to turn off your Windows 8.

The stupid way

Go to the search feature under the setting search. Type: Turn, Shut or off in the textbox. Yes, this is a strange idea from Microsoft.

How to shut down Windows 8 ?

Using the Keyboard.

From the Windows 8 desktop, press and hold the ALT button and press F4.
Use the ALT+F4 to bring the shut down window.

Select Shut Down and press OK.

This technique works perfectly in remote desktop if Windows 8 profession is installed. It also works for Windows 8 Enterprise and RT (European version).

Creating a shortcut

You could call a exe to turn off your computer. That file is under the system32 folder. Under Windows. This file is present in every Windows version including Windows 8.

You could create a shortcut to turn off your computer more easily by following these simple steps:
Right click your desktop and create a shortcut.
Enter this command line : “shutdown /s /t 0” (without the quotes)
The “/s” means that you wish to shutdown the computer with that executive program. The /t is a delay argument. The zero after the time argument means immediately.

Change the icon if you desire by right-clicking with your mouse and selecting his properties.

Shutdown.exe doesn’t contain any icon, so you could use the one of the system files shell32.

Drag and drop your shortcut anywhere on your desktop including your taskbar.

This solution is a very old way to close Windows. It works great for any Windows operating systems.

Command line

You could also run the program directly from the command prompt or the run windows and type : : “shutdown /s /t 0” (without the quotes)

Using a script

You could make a .vbs file an putting this simple line inside it:

WSHShell.Run("shutdown /s /t 0")

Again, this is simple.

Using a 3rd party program

There are many freeware available that help you turn off your Windows 8 more easily.
It is impossible to name them all. Most of them are freeware or not expensive.
You could download this Shut Down 8 and is free to use.

I invite you to try Shut Down 8 for Windows 8.

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