Wednesday, May 1, 2013

VS2010 vs VS2012

What is best between VS2010 and VS2012?

Which one to choose? Buy the new or the older version?

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the best Integrated Development Environment (IDE) ever. I personally use the Visual Studio 2010 professional all the time and I recommend it to everyone.

What Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 gives more? First of all, the C++, C# and the Visual Basic .NET is unchanged. So the coding is the same.
What you will see is that the new Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 will give you all the stuff you need to program in the new Windows metro-style, a JavaScript Editor and Office 2010 add-in.

I you need to buy one of these versions, I made a little shopping for you. If you want to 2012 edition, the cheapest one is from Amazon only if you could buy if from; the delivery is free if you are from the USA.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012     Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 

Of course all prices could change. Oh, by the way, I always had good service with any purchase with Amazon. I never had any problem with them. They send your stuff in a good box and well protected.


The program I love to use, buy it: Visual Studio 2010 Professional (Old Version)

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