Thursday, June 13, 2013

Use keyboard to activate Google search by voice

Use keyboard to activate Google search by voice

Only from Google Chrome, from the common Google search page: Press and hold CTRL+SHIFT+ “period” and start taking in English if you are on Google.COM (English version)

Google search by voice Listening

If you are French, do exactly the same thing from Google.FR. It will recognize your French speaking. The search by voice works for French.

Ok, I need to practice my German or maybe Google need to improve the Deutsch voice recognition. The Chinese is totally idiot, haha!

Default voice recognition

You could change the voice recognition inside the Google’s settings.

Choose Search Settings -> Languages ->

Make sure you grant the authorization to use your microphone.
(The next image is the French version, because I tested a few languages: Chinese, German, English, Spanish)

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